Know Your Visa Type

Eligibility Criteria

Criteria I: Travel Record

An applicant who has travelled at least once in the last 5 years or has a valid visa for the UAE, USA, UK, Schengen countries, European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Canada, Switzerland and Japan.

Supporting Documents Required

  • Coloured photocopy of the pages of the passport containing the details of Full name, Nationality, Date and Place of birth, Passport number, Date of issue and Expiry.


    Has travelled at least twice in the last 5 years to any country other than Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Myanmar.

Supporting Documents Required

  • Passport pages exhibiting the evidence of the travel in current or previous Passport and proof of income for last two years.

Criteria II: Financial records

Minimum Gross income of the passenger should be 12 million Lebanese pounds p.a.

Supporting Documents Required

  • Letter from the Employer, stating the Salary / Income, Job Description and the years of Employment with the organization.
  • A photocopy of the major reputed credit card confirming the Credit Card number and the Expiry date

Criteria III: Invitation from the family member resident in UAE:

Valid for Spouse / Children below 21 and Parents above 60 years of age.

Supporting Documents Required

  • Invitation Letter with a copy of the labour contract attested by the Emirates Commercial Visa Section in UAE. Marriage certificate in case of invitation for spouse and Birth Certificate in case of invitation for children.

Additional documents required in below specific circumstances :

Student Traveling Alone:

  • NOC letter from parents. Photo identity of Parents / Guardian. (Pan Card/Passport/Driving License) Student ID card.
  • Hotel / Relative details of address in UAE.
  • Hall ticket copy specifying the date and venue in case the applicant is appearing for an exam.

    Newly Married Couple: ***In case of the spouse name not endorsed on the passport.
  • Marriage Certificate / Notarized Affidavit on a Rs.100/- stamp paper.
  • Newly married couples traveling immediately after marriage required submit NOC from parents with photo id proof, Wedding card and Marriage photograph of the couple.

Important Information :

Emirates regret its inability to sponsor unaccompanied minors and students. Dubai immigration will consider applications from minors and students only if they are travelling with parents or close family members.