Know Your Visa Type

Eligibility Criteria

Criteria I: Travel Record

Advisable to submit previous entry stamps to UAE in past 5 years.

A copy of a valid return airline ticket on Emirates or Fly Dubai Airlines.

Criteria II: Financial records

Original letter from the Bank to state that the passenger has a Bank Account in South Africa and that they have sufficient funds for their stay in UAE.

Criteria III: Invitation from immediate family member residing in UAE on family status

Children under 18 need a consent letter from their parents for travel.

Family or Friends can sponsor a person to visit them in UAE.

Supporting Documents Required

  • Invitation Letter
  • Coloured Passport copy of sponsor.
  • Valid Residence visa copy of the host
Criteria VI: Original Letter from Employer

A letter from the employer to state the position held, salary and period of leave granted.

Criteria VII: Photographs

2 colour photographs, clear, size 4.3 cm x 5.5 cm

Additional documents required in below specific circumstances :

  • Student Traveling Alone:
    • NOC letter from parents. Photo identity of Parents / Guardian. (Pan Card/Passport/Driving License) Student ID card.
    • Hotel / Relative details of address in UAE.
  • Newly Married Couple: ***In case of the spouse’s name not endorsed on the passport.
    • Marriage Certificate / Notarized Affidavit
  • Foreign passport holders require the following additional documents:
    • South African Resident Permit
    • South African Work Permit
  • DVPC South Africa CANNOT process a visa for an unemployed passenger unless they are:
    • A Student
    • A Pensioner.
    • A House wife.
  • A student would require the following additional documents:
    • Letter of consent from parents (NOC).
    • Letter from the applicants’ school/institution stating that the applicant is currently studying.
    • Original letter from the parents bank (stating that the parent has sufficient funds for travel to the UAE)
  • A pensioner would require the following additional documentation:
    • Letter stating that applicant is a pensioner.
    • Letter from the bank (original letter stating that applicant has sufficient funds to travel to the UAE)
  • A housewife would require the following additional documentation:
    • Letter from her husband (stating that he is financially liable for applicant).
    • Original bank letter from either applicant or husband (stating that there is sufficient funds to travel to the UAE)

Important Information:

  • The Visa fees are to be collected in a Bank Advice with the above specified Documents while applying for a visa.
  • Visa would be processed specifically for passengers traveling on Emirates or Fly Dubai with an inbound and outbound of the Dubai International Airport.